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The department has number of labs to conduct all experiments as per as the syllabus of Maharishi Dayanand University.

The Basic Electronic Lab
This lab has all the equipment and components to perform all the experiments related to Diodes and other electronic gadgets.

Electrical technology Lab
This lab has kits for performing all the electrical circuit experiments to verify various network theorems. It also has various electrical generators and transformers.

Analog Electronics Lab
In this lab we have equipment, instruments, integrated circuit chips(ICs) and all other components to perform experiment based on both electrical and digital electronics.

Electro Mechanical Energy Conservation (EMEC) lab
Both AC and DC electrical machines and transformers are installed in this lab to perform all the required experiments on electrical machines.

Microprocessor Lab
This lab has both 8085, 8086 and various other microcontrollers chip in sufficient numbers and various interfacing devices like 8253, 8255, ADC and DAC reader card, EPROM program and EPROM eraser.

Digital system design lab
In this lab students are given electronic circuit problems to meet certain specification. Once the design is complete the circuit is implemented to verify specifications.

Communication lab
This lab has kits and equipment to study various modulation techniques used in communication.

DSP lab
In this lab we have computers loaded with MATLAB software. This lab is used for performing experiment on digital signal processing (i.e. Fitter Design, Convolution, Correlation etc...)

The college has well equipped workshop where students learn about basic manufacturing methods. Every student prepares jobs in all the sections with her/his own hands under the guidance of experienced faculty and techniques.