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The Department has ten well-equipped laboratories and one central workshop, to give students sufficient exposure to practical works compatible with the classroom learning and through workshop exercise.  

  • Mechanical Engineering Workshop :

    The General workshop comprises of fitting shop, carpentry shop, foundry shop, smithy shop and welding shop. The facility is used mostly by first year students of all branches.
    Facilities :
    • Centre Lathe machine equip with drilling tool and cutting tool
    • Pillar type Drilling Machine
    • Horizontal Milling Machine with vertical head
    • Tool room Shaper
    • Power hacksaw
    • Pedestal grinding machine
    • Universal planning machine for Carpentry work
    • Oxyacetylene welding Equipment
    • Electric arc Welding Equipment

  • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Lab:

Fluid Mechanics Lab and Fluid Mechanics extension lab conduct courses and research Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery. It provides facilities for undergraduate teaching, final year projects and for research work leading to postgraduate degrees. This lab consists of several experimental setups for verifying the basic laws of fluid mechanics and some flow measuring devices. This lab houses experimental setups of a pelton wheel and a Kaplan turbine which facilitate the study and performance test of turbines. Experimental setups for several pumps also serve the same.
• Impact on jet apparatus
• Flow measurement by venture and orifice meter
• Orifice and mouth piece apparatus
• Loss of pipe fitting
• Centrifugal pump test rig

  • Basics of Mechanical Engineering Lab:

• Model of 2 stroke Petrol engine
• Model of 2 stroke Diesel engine
• Model of 4 stroke Petrol engine
• Model of 4 stroke Diesel engine
• Model of Fire tube boiler with mountings and accessories
• Model of water tube boiler with mountings and accessories
• Winch crab
• Jib crane apparatus
• Different gears and gear trains
• Screw jack

  • Engineering Mechanics Lab :

The purpose of the Laboratory is to study the mechanical behavior of the structure and machines using theoretical, numerical and experimental methods and to provide teaching on this subject. Mechanical behavior is understood here to imply the statics, dynamics and stability of both rigid and deformable objects.

  • Material Science & Testing Lab :

It comprises of modern equipments such as metallurgical microscopes, muffle furnace, hydraulic press etc.

  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing lab :

The Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Lab oratory, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, encompasses research in geometric and solid modeling, CAD/CAM, Computer aided process planning, solid freeform fabrication, computer graphics and visualization, virtual prototyping, and virtual reality.

  • Strength of Material lab:

This lab deals with the strength of a material i.e. its hardness softness fatigue point toughness durability yield point etc. This lab includes the machines by which the strength (impact, tensile, compressive) can be checked along with the variable parameters.

  • Kinematics of Machines Lab:

This subject imparts the concepts, principles, procedure, kinematics   involved in different machine elements and mechanisms like lever, gear, cam, follower, belt, flywheel, brake, dynamometer, clutch, etc. All of these are regarding the different mechanics going on in moving machine parts and their behavior while movement.